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Let it Overflow

It has only been one week since my launch and I can truly say that I am blessed for everything that has been coming my way.

You can't tell me that my God is not good.

I've booked seven events with five new clients!!

These events begin in June and end in November, ranging from bridal showers to event series to launches to banquets. When I started JNicole Events, I knew that I wanted to stick out from any other event planner by showcasing this journey and also developing relationships with my clients. This is not just a "pay for my services and you get what you get" type of deal. I tend to go over and beyond for events (ask Cortney) and I always knew that I was in the right profession when I realized that I had this mentality.

To my current clients: I promise that we will make sure that your event truly depicts everything that you wanted in this special day. We will become very close in this planning journey and I'm excited to witness the success of your event and/or business.

To my future clients: Don't worry, you will receive the same specialty treatment just as my current. I'm just as excited to make your dream a reality.

And just like no event should be the same, no service under JNicole Events will be same. It's all about creativity and making sure your company/organization is like no other while being organized from start to finish.


Today's Assertion: You better give him the praise!!

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