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Listen Within Your Purpose

When life gives you a pause, always remember, despite it all...LISTEN! 2022 was a challenging year for myself concerning family, health, and work. Just to be honest, my health took a pivotal turn that I wasn't prepared for. Are we ever truly prepared?

Nope! Not at all and guess what, That's okay!

It took some time for me to remember that it's okay. Through the tears of sadness and joy, I MADE IT and I can only give God the glory. I know it's nothing but Him that helped me to get to where I am today and I can't wait to share more within this year with you all. It's a new story and now a new story for JNE. It all comes down to my strength. You better get prepared!!!

This year will be a bit different but different in a new way that I know you all will be excited to see, I know I am! Sometimes these challenges are made for our purpose even when we can't see it. It was time for some change within JNE and I'm now excited to see what we will be able to do. I will continue to always be real and provide all the changes and updates that will be necessary for JNE and its growth.

JNicole Events will Never and I mean NEVER end.

JNE is my craft and my love. I'm excited for 2023 and the happiness that will be able to be shown. Although there was a pause, I was still working. Working for myself and my clients as well. There may even be some surprises you haven't seen but will begin to see within this year.

Get excited!!!


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