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Our homegirl Kelli said it best, "I'm evolving."

Now that's the words I need to always remember and especially for today because It's my BIRTHDAY!!! Last year celebrating was not IT AT ALL. We were going through the pandemic and I actually caught covid despite taking all the safety measures and staying in the house. My actual Golden Year wasn't what I have planned and that's extremely hard for a planner. It was hard for me to take in 2021 especially with being unable to see family and friends during my birthday which I'm sure we were all feeling the same exact way last year and even this year. With going into another season of the pandemic during my birthday time, I have decided that it's still my Golden Year, we are re-goldening, YOU HEAR ME!!!


Although my statement for all birthdays is "you only get one birthday once a year, you might as well live it up", just know I will continue to live it up each and every year because what do we call that...

Thanks Kelli!!

This 31st year brings in also some wonderful things for not only myself but JNicole Events. I know I haven't said a lot of what's on my plate but one of the things I'm proud of for this new year will be graduating with my MBA this Spring!


I'm excited to take this one thing off my plate but excited for the growth that will continue to evolve in 2022 for myself and JNicole Events. It's so much to come and if you can imagine what's coming, I know you will be just as excited. I promise this year you will not only hear from me more though the many different platforms but I hope in this new year, we will all continue to evolve as a JNE Family would do!


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