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Be Dressed By 6!

What?!? Bags are packed BABYYYYYY!!!!!!

Can you imagine your man saying this?! Of course so many thoughts will come to our minds like....

  1. To go where?

  2. What should I wear?

  3. My hair isn't done, can we reschedule?

  4. Do you have a babysitter?

Before we get too excited, you know we have all the questions that must be answered in advanced. Let me tell you!!! We are planning in advance to ensure the day is perfect and to make sure any question that you may have is answered quickly and without delay to showcase how perfect this day or days will be!

I know, I know... but Sis, we got you!

We don't want our friend starting his surprise with this reaction. It take a lot at times to ensure the day is everything that we expect so trust that when booking #BDB6, he has taken all the time and money to make sure it's perfect for his baby!!

See!!! That's what we are talking about. You see how it's working now...

Be Dressed By 6 is meant to be not only a perfect date night but a perfect date night for you both as a couple. No couple is the same so it's created to fit the vibe he is looking to provide you after a large accomplishment, overcoming a challenge, and much more. This isn't just a little date night, it's a date night customized for you!

Are you excited to see what else we have coming up for #BDB6?! If so, stay tuned for the exciting things that will be released in the upcoming months. It's our winning season, sis!

Just because I love how Childish Gambino brought his own to Tamia's So Into You, watch how your man will be able to do the same for you!

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