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Planning with a Twist: Loss & Joy

At times we can get to a point of not knowing how to celebrate when dealing with loss. Have you felt like this before?

It's okay, me too!

This is not only losing someone close but feeling as if you are breaking into a new version of yourself. I know it can be a hard feeling but listen you are not alone.I want to encourage you to celebrate and I'm preaching this to myself too. One thing I want for JNicole Events is to be very personable while understanding the changes that life can consume for everyone.

Last week, I loss my grandmother unexpectedly upon it already being a hard health week for myself. I'm currently 6 months into being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which has changed my entire life but hey, I'm now a MS Warrior and I continuing to work at being proud that I can state that.

During this same week, I received my degree for my MBA while being told that I have no active lesions on my brain and spine which is a whole blessing in itself. Can you see the tears?

It's to the point, how do I celebrate these accomplishments with the loss of my grandmother and my former self. It's hard and I'm still working through this part.

However, when we don't understand, maybe this is bringing you closer to your faith. God is so Good and although we know this but when you can see how he can continue to bless you despite it all, it's truly a testimony in itself. I know, I know, I know...It's hard! It's hard to still see this but one thing we have to always remember, this could be a testimony and even a testimony that you are about to bring to yourself and others in so many different ways.

For JNE, I see many things within the business that will happen on a whole different level when it comes to the type of events, hello my MS Warriors!


It's crazy to think there is a blessing through this all but there is! I promise you that one. Get ready for more to be shared within my journey for JNE and learning to plan with a twist through it all. This is truly a twist but a twist that is here to change my life and business in ways that I don't even know yet.

One of my favorite gospel songs is All Things by Nicole and David Binion where they state "When I cannot see it, God, I

still believe it, you are working all things for my good". I used to be mad and say, I don't believe, why me, why right now? I called one of my minister friends, shout out to Garland!!

He told, me why not you?! Even more tears. He continued to state that I will be a testimony and to always remember this! I'm remembering and knew it was time to share.

There is a reason, even when you don't understand but know it will begin to make sense but give yourself time and give it to God! I'm still figuring things out and want you to do the same! You Got This, We Got This! It's okay to celebrate and I can't wait to see the many celebrations that are here to come because All Things Are Working For Your Good!

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