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I'm officially LAUNCHED!! Man, I'm so blessed to see everything that I've envisioned for this moment come to life.

Do you want to take a quick virtual tour of tonight's launch?




Yes? I thought you would never ask!!

As soon as you walked into my place a beautiful decor was presented on a black high top table featuring some amazing dishes by the one and only JNicole (I'm nice in the kitchen when I want to be). Champagne glasses and white gift bags with a hint of lavender surrounded the table to add to the sophistication. As my guests came through the door, one would hear the steady tunes of JNicole Events providing a full hands-on experience.

After great food and drinks, I provided my guests with a summary of JNicole Events from start until today while explaining my next steps. I was also able to take them through the website which was featured on the screen. However, the event is never over until you pop some bottles. With glasses filled with a strawberry (have to make it classy) we toasted to JNicole Events and the success that will be sure to come.

I truly thank everyone who attended my launched both in person and virtually. The support was overwhelming and I'm confident that you all will continue to be here throughout this journey.

Today's Assertion: Don't forget- All the time/planning- it's always worth it! #Celebrate

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