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It's Getting Real

It's Monday and Wedding Week, oh yea, it's real! I really can't believe how fast time is moving. We are only 4 days away and I'm still feeling pretty good. Nerves-nah, I'm good. Maybe day of...

Today, I focused on printing off all materials like the timelines that Shanell made for the wedding. Once printed, I realized that I needed two additional specialty paper for the best man and groomsman which came to $1.18 at Michaels

I left Michaels to head to Cherry Hill Mall to find a black dress. Now, remember I told you all that I hate shopping but I knew what I wanted and where to go. However, after 3 stores-I was done. I was too annoyed to go to any other store and Aunt Flow decided to make an entrance. Once your body gives you the sign, it's time to go.

I came home thinking that I would be able to make it to a meeting with Shanell to provide her with the wedding updates.

Yeah, that wasn't happening.

I'm in so much pain and can't even finish this soup but I'm just going to take it down early and pray for a better tomorrow. #JesusBeAFence

Today's Assertion: This too shall pass

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