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The Breakdown: Wedding planner vs Venue Coordinator

It's such a beautiful and exciting time when couples decide to take the next step as one together. You are choosing some of your favorite vendors including the place that you will say...

The venue is a staple to wedding planning. It's one of the most important vendors to choose for your day and most likely is your first. During many meetings with the venue, staff members will advise the couple that they have a venue coordinator available to assist for the day. Many couples will continue to move forward due to receiving two major "vendors" in one booking.

Although venue coordinators are great, don't get me wrong. There's a difference in what a venue coordinator will provide versus a wedding planner. As many engagements are happening, we want to provide couples with a small but significant breakdown of each...

Let's start with the Venue Coordinator:

The venue coordinator is exactly what the name is, a venue coordinator. Never forget, they are an employee of the venue and will provide...

  • Walkthroughs

  • Preferred vendors

  • Catering needs

  • Room Layouts

  • Payments/Invoices

Their main focus is ensuring that the venue is performing all of the details per your signed contract. We have seen some venue coordinators only stay for a portion of the reception and will typically not be of attendance for the rehearsal. Remember, they are an employee of the venue not the couple.

Let's switch gears and end with the wedding planner/day of coordinator...

The wedding planner is paid by the bride and groom. What does that mean? It means the wedding planner will perform every request or wish to ensure your day is perfect.

The wedding planner will...

  • Be there from the beginning to the end

  • Coordinates with all vendors

  • Reviews contracts to ensures you are receiving exactly what's listed

  • Coordinates rehearsal

  • Creates timelines up to the minute

  • Tracks RSVPs

  • Manage catering staff

  • Arranges delivery of wedding supplies/items (ie: seating chart)

  • Ensure gifts are packed and secured with the provided family/friend

The wedding planner also becomes a "best friend" during this time. They are usually your mediator, therapist, fashion consultant and of course friend. Both individuals are speaking to each other frequently because usually it's an open door policy unlike venue owners. You begin to understand that the wedding planner is taking each day to focus on that couple despite anything to ensure your day is one you will never forget. For that, all we can say is...

After reviewing the differences, we hope that this clearly outlines what's best for you as you move forward in the wedding planning. JNicole Events is a company that believes in transparency and we want all of our potential clients or viewers to have everything on their plate and will NEVER have to wonder.

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