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Understanding the Role

It's a favorite question that I love to answer!! Who wouldn't want to enjoy their day without worrying about the hassle of planning the event? I know I wouldn't but sometimes there can be a misunderstanding of the planner's role versus the client. However, let's break it down.

I have never met a client who is looking to have an event but doesn't want any part. Most people have an idea but is looking for help to put it together and guidance on if their budget works for the event that they are envisioning. At JNE, it's our duty to make sure the client is part of the process without the stress but still ensuring a surprise element.

We also make sure that there is unlimited contact with our team. Things change-that's life in general and we want to keep an open line of communication during the process of planning your event. Never think that it's too late or too early, we got you!

Lastly, through it all, we are family- JNE family to be exact. Our process guarantees that we will grow close through the planning, advice and open communication. Ask any of our clients- we can toast to that part!!


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