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Expired Friendships

With age, there are going to be many friendships that will transition in your life. There are friends that are for a season and others that are for a lifetime. Each season requires a different kind of commitment to yourself while re-evaluating the people around you.

If you are not in the mood of thinking about your own friendships right now, let’s talk about Issa and Molly on Insecure. As we go through the seasons, so do the shows that we watch. These shows become more relatable they challenge us to look at our own lives. From season one to four, Issa was always the friend in and out of relationships while Molly was focused on her career. As we move into season 5, we see a complete flip! Issa is now trying to build her career and Molly is now the one trying to save her relationship.

It’s funny how things can change so quickly.

Through these big changes, smaller incidents can happen which cause friendships to dwindle. We can all remember our memories with friends, but how do you continue the friendships as life changes around you...

Do you have friends that are in any of these categories?

  1. Received that big promotion

  2. Moved to a different state

  3. Started 1 or more new businesses

  4. Went back to school

  5. Has new friends

  6. Married

  7. Babies

The list goes on......

All these transitions are bound to happen but how do we support one another especially during these major transitions.

I don’t know if we are alone in this thought, but we love to see our friends succeed! Change is different and hard, but the most important thing to do is to communicate. With the shifts of life you can get so consumed by what is going on in your life that you stop paying attention to what is going on around you. If you really want to ensure your friendships remain strong, remember that friendships are just as important as your relationship.

Take time to talk to your friends and not just about you! Find the time to schedule girl night, trips, and even conversations. Life is busy for everyone but there is nothing like your friendships. We do know that all friendships won’t continue due to jealousy, malice or who knows!

If that’s so….girllll, it’s time to let go of that toxicity!!


Let’s talk about it just in case you are afraid of letting it go.

We all have or had people in our lives that are just drama magnets. There is always something going wrong in their lives and they are not responsible for any part of it. You can have the person that constantly gossips about you or other people. Then there is the person that doesn’t even know why they are mad at you but will continue to throw your flaws or untold secrets to hurt you.

There comes a time that you have to deal with your demons, get therapy, and get your life together. Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and realize what you can do to change the situation. Now, if you do not want change, that is fine, but the healthier version of me no longer vibes with the version of you that exists. I have to love you, but from far….far away. It ain’t worth it especially during this quarantine.

It’s okay to let people go sometimes they may need it more than you.

That’s a Message!!!

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