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Engagement... and it's endless questions

It was a day you both will never forget as your family and friends gathered around to witness this new chapter of your lives. He got down on one knee, asked for your hand in marriage, you shed a few tears and said, YESSS!! For the first few minutes everyone was excited (screaming, clapping, flashes from the phones) but then the questions begin...

  • When's the wedding?

  • How much was that ring? He did good!

  • I know I'm in the wedding, right?

This has been a hot topic for many years and unfortunately more to come. At JNE we have decided to start some interactive post in our story to receive some insight from our followers on these many topics. After all of the comments, we chose to interview both Loetta & Henry who will be getting married on August 17th, 2019 in Clifton, VA.

Describe your proposal?

The proposal took place at our baby shower! Instead of thanking everyone after opening the gifts, he thanked me for everything and proposed. All the planning happened with Henry and my mom.

Do you remember when you received your first question?

Yes! Our first question was actually two questions... when's the wedding? Am I in it? This is actually still a question...

What was the most irritating question you received?

Henry: As a guy, I didn't receive a lot of questions but one that I was surprised about was if I'm excited/ready. I have had people asked if I had second thoughts about getting married and it didn't occur to me that I wasn't ready because we have history. However, this person was actually going through a divorce so the context for him is different right now in that state of marriage.

Loetta: Merging of families can be very hard! We both come from different cultures- my mother is African American while Henry's mother is Ghanaian. These two mothers are both Alpha females so planning can be difficult. We are both the first born and having younger siblings and have agreed to not have our siblings in the wedding party but our mother thinks differently. It has been a big issue.

Henry, what advice would you give a guy who's about to propose?

Well, I got lucky with this one, she has made me a better person. My advice is to not look into what the person has but look at how the person will improve you as a better person, husband and father. Sometimes she nags in my ear about different things but she's usually right! As a guy it's hard to accept the fact but pull your ego down because ultimately and once again she's usually right!

Loetta, what advice would you give to a recently engaged woman?

Figure out what you want! After you get engaged, you will have a lot of people coming up to you with ideas but make sure you keep your idea and vision. At times I have the tendency to have my mother's views over power me but I have realized in this process that it's our day and it's all about what we envisioned not others vision for this one that we will never get back. For us being parents already, we have had time learning new things while raising our child; however, if you don't have child, make sure you take time knowing and learning each other. I would also highly recommend counseling for all engaged couples because communication changes but it's everything!

Thank you so much Loetta and Henry for some insight on your engagement process and the many questions that you both have and still receive. I think it's safe say, hold on to the questions when your friends, associates, family members get engaged! They will advise you of ALL the information that's needed to know in their timeframe.

Be patient!

With love,


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