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Couple Goals...CANCELLED

How many times have you heard or even said, Couple Goals?

Why are we so quick to list couples especially celebrities as goals that we don’t know?

Being in a relationship or marriage takes a lot work, time and selflessness. It’s a journey that won’t be perfect but should be perfect for that couple.

It’s been interesting this past month to see people go from glorifying Will & Jada to now in their own entanglement of their personal feelings.


Let’s take it to glorifying Emily B & Fabolous pregnancy after being aware of the domestic violence that took place in their “relationship/marriage”.

We are usually so quick to forgive the man but the woman, now that takes time....

Was Jada wrong, yes! I’m sure their journey even before August came around wasn’t perfect. But guess what? It’s their journey not ours.

Let’s stop shining light on infidelity and/or violence and focus on the real beautiful stories that are not receiving as much highlight during this quarantine.

For instance....

- People are figuring out their true selves

- Mothers realizing they are SuperWomen

- Engaged Couples knowing that they can get through anything now

- Students realizing its only up from here!

Now that's the real GOALS!!!

I only ask, before comment Couple Goals, ask yourself 3 questions...

  1. Do I know them personally?

  2. Do I live in their home?

  3. Do I know their story?

If you can’t answer any of these questions, then it’s only right we refrain from using the term couple goal and focus on your own goals.

Remember, you are your biggest goal! Continue to celebrate your big and small goals and watch how quickly things will change in your favor.

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