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I don't think we can say it enough but 2020 has been a year. We have and still are learning how to celebrate big moments intimately or even by ourselves. How many people had to change up their plans this year?


I don't think anyone is alone but guess what we are doing, Building Over Limited Disruptions (B.O.L.D.)! We are continuing to be B.O.L.D. despite this new norm. I think we deserve a little praise for continuing to move forward with all the challenges that this year has brought to us.

As we are planning, we at times don't want to think about the Plan B or how I like to call it, being B.O.L.D. I know it's hard but would you rather deal with the plan now or stress about the plan later.

For a quick honest moment, I had a huge plan to bring in my 30th this year which is my golden year (12/30). Due to Covid, both my Plan A, B, C, D are no longer possible. It's hard and it definitely hurts but all i can do is to now leave it in the hands of the people that are working to ensure that this golden year is one that I will not only be Proud but B.O.L.D. and safe.

Being B.O.L.D. does mean planning even in the virtual spaces. Sometimes, we can think that virtual is easier but it can be just as difficult to ensure everyone is present and understands the structure that's before them.

As I had many plans, I'm sure you had the same or even if you didn't, here are 4 quick tips to ensure you are ready:

  1. Build Over Limited Disruptions (B.O.L.D.): Don't let your day not become a day that you are proud about. It's still about you or even the beautiful union that you are about to enter. If that's finding a new date or now limiting the number of guests, always remember it's never personal during this time but only to benefit everyone and their safety.

  2. Guidelines: Some may hate rules, but at this time, we all must follow the rules that you have placed for your guests. If you need to hear it from me, you are NOT Doing Thee Most for asking people to get tested before attending your event. It's the safety of everyone.

  3. Insurance/Contracts: Make sure you have insurance and review the contracts of your potential vendors on their rescheduling or postponement due to force majeure events like the pandemic.

  4. Don't wait: Many people are waiting until Biden and Kamala state their plans but what are your plans? We can't wait for life to happen. Plan in advance but making sure you have multiple B.O.L.D. plans set up that you are actually okay with happening just in case your Plan A doesn't work out this year.

Got it!

Get that pen and make your list! Let's continue to plan even through this hard time. There's always someone who's willing to help including, JNicole Events. I hope you continue to be B.O.L.D. all throughout this year and the new year to come.

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