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Essence of Time

Last week, I received an email from one of my past #BMIE moderators, Ifeoma Ike (Ify is what we called her) about an event that she was organizing called #BlackWomenAtWorkBK with Representative Yvette D. Clark and Yandy Smith-Harris. There were two parts to the event:

1. Speed Career Mentoring at 5:30pm

2. She's The Boss Entrepreneurship & Economic Empowerment Community Chat at 7pm

All I could think was perfect timing after reading over her invite. I have been stating that I wanted to attend more events to help me in this journey of starting my own business. Of course it's not easy but having like minded and supportive people surround you is a step towards the right direction. I left my house around 4pm with my business cards and heels ready to network!

I arrived to Brooklyn at 5:42pm and immediately looked at the parking sign stating M-F 7:30am-7pm, 1 hour meter parking. Even though I wanted to go in, I decided to sit in my car until 6pm so that I would only pay a dollar to park my car.

Lord knows, I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for parking when it cost me close to $25 in tolls to get to Brooklyn one way but...


I come in to see ladies taking part in the speed networking with different mentors. I realized quickly that I might have missed my chance to network with some dope women in the room 1:1 but all of sudden I get a tap on my shoulder and was invited to sit with a women who currently does communications for American Express.

I provided her with my background and asked a few questions but it was hard for her to answer due to her background. I told her that although some of my questions were unanswered, I'm sure there was a reason why we are sitting here with each other. I just had a good feeling. All of a sudden I hear-SWITCH! I looked around because I was unsure of my next direction but was told to just move to the chair to my left. As soon as I look up, it's Yandy!!

I was screaming YASSS in my head but of course I stayed cool, calm and collective as I began to tell her about JNicole Events. She gave some really good advice that I will be sure to use in this journey and even provided me with information on her bestie/event planner who did her wedding which increased her portfolio and following just because of that one event! Yandy kept repeating: your Network is your Net Worth! Clearly her bestie is a testimony to that statement.

As we were talking about financing my business. We get an announcement that speed networking is over and we would start moving into the next part of the evening. We shook hands while thanking each other for our time and from that moment I quickly realized why the essence of time is nothing but God!

If I would parked and went into the event-this conversation would have never happened but I thank God that he provided me with patience and the right moment to get my brand out to an entertainment mogul like Yandy so early in this process

I'm extremely proud of Ify for pulling in all these women from Yandy to Piper (Piper & Co) to Shante Beacon (135th St Agency) to Vera Moore (Vera Moore Cosmetics) the list doesn't stop. It was empowering and motivational to be able to sit in front of these women and receive the advice that will help to grow this company from a small business to a major boutique one day.

Thank you Lord for continuing to show me where you want me to be in this journey. I'm grateful and humble!

Today's Assertion: Entrepreneurship is survival of the fittest, are you hungry?

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