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Aggie Pride Goes A Long Way

Whew, God knows that he continues to surprise me every single day. Sometimes when you don't expect things to happen and it automatically works itself out. I knew from the beginning when he gave me this extra push to start JNicole Events, he would align everything to make it successful.

Since the launch, I have received so many positive messages and calls for my business including new clients.I would have never thought that two weeks into the launch of my business, I would still be on this type of high. Contracts have been sent and venue seeking is a constant thing for all of the upcoming summer events. You know, we all have goals for Summer 17.

However, in the midst of all these feelings, I received a message from a former JOMC (Journalism of Mass Communications) classmate of mine, Jessica Alexander. When I tell you that she can write, I would trust her with any story going from a lost dog to covering an event for Obama. She is just that legit!

The message caught me off guard because she asked if I needed help with marketing and communications for my company. All I could think was "wow" and "thank you lord- you never cease to amaze me". We were able to schedule a meeting for last night at 8pm just in time for us to catch Scandal (no business or calls happens between 9pm-10pm EST on Thursdays-you just don't do that).

Jessica began to describe the services that she could provide and followed up on the clips that she sent me earlier this week. What really got me was the fact that she stated, "I'm just waiting for someone to take that trust in me as well". From there, I knew that I wanted her on my team as my first marketing and communications consultant.

If Cortney didn't put trust in me to execute her wedding flawlessly with that being my first wedding under JNicole Events, I really do not know if we would all be here today talking about JNicole Events. We have to get to a point where we help one another and stop thinking it's a competition. When we help others to grow especially our own, we will all reach the top.

Jessica, I'm excited to work with you more closely and I pray that this experience will help us both as we continue to do our God given talents.

Today's Assertion: Remember, it's never a competition!

Only because this is an A&T classic....

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