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In late January, I decided on the date of April 30th to launch my business and look how time just went on by-one day away from the launch of JNicole Events!!

I'm truly blessed to see my baby evolve into everything I know it will be. Event planning has always been a passion of mine since college.. From planning events with SUAB (Student University Activities Board) to Delta to my internship experience at BET. I knew this was my calling in order to help others make their dreams a reality.

Since BET, I kept praying to God about my possible journey in entertainment. I couldn't understand why he wasn't making it easy for me to get back into entertainment full time. Freelancing has been cool and everything but I needed something that I not only loved but paid all my bills. Those college days are over.

It was truly an emotional time but once I became still and started listening to him, not telling him what he needs to do, things made sense.

I have realized that God wants to use me in so many different ways when it comes to my career (your girl is talented) but he knew having my own was in the horizon. It would be possible but very hard to start entry level in the entertainment business specific to special events while creating my own. I have developed so many relationships with my time in this sector that I'm praying this company will soon to be a company that people will hire to put on their big special events- I'm talking Awards status!!

Everything is now ready to go: website, branded swag, business cards and logistics for launch. I'm excited for tomorrow and pray that God will continue to use me to help all of my clients. It happened like this for a reason-On the 30...On Sunday-You better give him some praise!!!

Today's Assertion: Keep praying-the possibilities are endless. #Humble

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