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Memphis Baby

Planning events is not easy but when you are able to plan an event in a location that you never took step in-oh you have reached new heights.

Yesterday, I was able to successfully execute my BMIE series in Memphis. We had ruffly 42 guests for the event and 6 men on the panel who were covering specific topics on increasing the number of black men in education specifically in the city of Memphis.

Discussion: Flowing

Tech: LOUD and Clear

Details: Transparent

Food: On Point

Although it started raining around 7:30pm, we were still able to move the discussion over to the reception venue, Silly Goose. What I truly loved about this bar and not just the food but they were able to accommodate my group since we didn't see a high number of people attend the reception to the rain.

The manager was able to decrease my order while ensuring that everything was taken care of for the night. This series has truly been a growing experience and I'm excited to see the ways of it evolving into a part 2 of Action.

All to say, it was a success and we are finally done with my 3 big events in the month of April. All we have left and this is the best one to come-#LaunchDay 4.30

Today's Assertion: Stay busy and I promise, you won't disappoint yourself.

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