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How Bad Do You Want It?

The last Monday of every month, we have Bible Study with Pastor Cory. When I say we, ages 25-35! Today's message spoke so much to me and I hope it will do the same as you read along. Pastor Cory's first question for the group was, what's your passion?

I immediately stated planning/helping others. He asked me to dig a little deeper into that and I stated, "helping people make their dreams a reality". I didn't know where he was going until he asked us the next question, what makes us cry?

This time I didn't speak- I silently got my reasons together. This one was hard for me because I'm just emotional. I can watch Undercover Boss and be in legit tears!

However, I realized that being so emotional for other in their good and bad times actually makes me cry.

He then asked us to turn to Nehemiah chapters 1, 4 and 6. Nehemiah's passion was his people and to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. It was broken down in chapter one where it let the people in a great deal of pain. Although it was not him, he cried for days and began to fast as he prayed to God for strength to rebuild the wall.

People overheard that Nehemiah and others were trying to rebuild the wall and immediately became haters. The sarcasm and jokes came in all direction-hatin' for no reason.

But that didn't stop Nehemiah to achieve his goal/passion. He knew that there will be obstacles and people in the way but God had blessed him with the strength to complete the wall. Guess who was quiet now?

All those haters knew that it was the work of God!

Pastor Cory advised us that when you find what makes you cry it will lead you into your passion and it's okay not to know now. However, if you do know like myself, do not let those haters get in your way of achieving everything you need to get done. Let the work speak for itself. Never allow yourself to stop because of obstacles, laziness people, etc-at the end nobody but God can ever stop what he has for you!

All I could think was, "yoo Pastor, you are speaking my life" and asked if I could give a quick shout out to Cortney and Amir especially Cortney since they were in the room. I knew it was nothing but God that brought Cort to my house and initatied that conversation about my planning, starting a business and then her wedding. Now look, I'm officially launching my own business in 6 days a wedding under my belt.

I truly thank God for leading me into this passion and I know it's nothing but God driving me to fulfill my purpose in life.

Today's Assertion: Don't be lazy or have an excuse-Work for it!

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