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2 More Days

Checked, Got it, Confirmed, Finalized, Printed, Packed-yes, it's altogether! I really can't believe that we are two days away but I'm so thankful to have a dope banquet coordinator by my side to execute

Dean and I have been making sure that we have everything together from the ceremony to the reception. I was able to print off all contracts, timelines, ceremony schedule, vows

I know tomorrow will be great and it will provide the wedding party with a quick run through of how the day will go. At these moments, I continue to realize my love for planning and helping others. I want this wedding to be everything that the couple imagined it could ever be and I will work my hardest to make sure of it. I'm putting all my time and some money into this wedding to make sure everything is organized and of course, classy!

I'm all set for tomorrow and I pray that God continues to give me the confidence to execute in the manner that is expected and the vision that he planned for this beautiful union.

Today's Assertion: Do it for the passion and everything else will follow!

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