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3 Days

We are three days away from the big day!

Since I was a little under the weather last night, I was able to reschedule my meeting with Shanell to this morning to provide her with the wedding updates. We made sure that we knew how to work the walkie talkies and packed up my emergency kit. It's all coming together.

At 5:30pm, I had my last and final consultation with Cortney to go over the little details and help her pack up everything that's needed for the ceremony/reception. I still have a few items on my to do list to finalize by Thursday but I'm positive that it will not be a problem.

We were able to fix my schedule and finalize a few outstanding items. I'm confident that this will be a wonderful day and guess what- the sun will be shining, 67 degrees.

Thank you Lord!!

Today's Assertion: The sun will be shining and so will I!

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