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So I really took that "girl, relax" seriously. As you can see, I haven't blogged for three days but trust work was completed.

Today, I was able to witness a beautiful union between my LS, Jessica and now husband Chase. Heyy Mr. & Mrs. Young!!

Jessica doesn't know this yet but I was so grateful to have her wedding before my first wedding this week. I was able to see the similarities between both weddings and the flow of the day. It's always good to have a recent example before going into your first big event. I have went to a few weddings and even shadowed a wedding planner but I know it was God to place these weddings back to back like he did.

I see you God!

An outside ceremony requires you to make sure three things are right:

- Sound/Audio

- Placement of Items (sanding, runner, guests, wedding, etc)

- Weather (No control but need to know how changes will be made quickly)

Thank God Jessica had a beautiful and warm day in Rocky Mount, North Carolina as she came down the hill on her horse and carriage just like a true princess.

However, Friday is calling for rain but I'm still praying that by Wednesday it will go back to 61 and sunny.

Immediately following the ceremony, we went into the cocktail hour following the reception!! Same flow as I have planned.

I really have a great feeling about Friday and I know that it will truly be a day to remember not just for the couple but their guests and JNicole Events.

This week is all about prep, booking the hotel room and meetings with Cort/Mrs.Carol! Let's get it- 5 More Days!!!

Today's Assertion: Let the example, be the example.

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