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Travel Doesn't Mean The Work Stops

I went from Jersey to Arlington to NC all in one day. Yes, I travel and yes it was busy day. Although it has busy today offered me some great hopes and possibilities. I'm excited to see what is next for me but we are getting close to the wedding and I still have to make sure things are done even when I'm traveling.

I really appreciate the banquet coordinator at the venue but I can already tell that he moves fast and I will have to make sure that he's on it for the things that he is stating he can provide. Keeping this in mind, it was my responsibility to make sure that he has wedding cake samples to show the couple on Saturday for their last walk through since we can't view it from the bakery's website. This is a service that's being provided so I want to make sure that there is no surprises.

*Ignore the b****

He has reassured me that he will have the samples ready for the couple and I have made sure that Cortney continues to stay updated in this process. When it comes to wedding planning, it's important to keep the bride up to date without causing her stress. There should be no surprises for her on the big day unless it's a planned surprise that will only cause her smile to be brighter.

I have also updated my assistant that her full day of timeline will be sent to her by EOD, Thursday for us to discuss early next week.

Things are moving fast but when things are planned well-it will all work out.

Today's Assertion: Remain humble but don't let nothing slip

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