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Who would have known that getting a bride into her dress would be so much work? Today was Cortney's last dress fitting and I was so excited to experienced this moment with her. It's nothing like seeing the smile on your client's face once they step into that dress.

She looked amazing and I know her soon to be husband will be lost for words as she walks down the aisle.

Now...about this dress. Lord Jesus, it's a process. I have to make sure she is properly in the dress with bosoms up and trail flowing.

I was able to learn bustling for the first time which is time consuming but it's something great to know for future clients. Bustling requires you to pull up different parts of the trail so that the bride can enjoy her wedding and not have the long trail behind her.

I realized very quickly that I will have to be the person getting the bride dressed-plans changed just that quick. Due to the change, I will have to assign my assistant with floral set up. I'm thankful that there is not a lot of set up because the venue is providing most of the things but we will need an extra hand that I do have! Thinking quickly is something that I do well so that doesn't bother me-I just want to make sure that this change doesn't throw off things and the day remains perfect for my couple.

Back I go to my work plan to organize the day and my whereabouts while also planning my assistant's day. You got this!

Today's Assertion: Don't let them see you sweat.

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