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I guess all that wine did the trick! It was a success!!

Shanea was able to bring 26 young BLACK professionals into an intimate setting with a dope chef (S/O @chefjonharris), live painting and brunch punch-can't have a brunch without the punch!

The setting was perfect. The food was perfect. The conversations were perfect. People even kept asking to turn down the music even more so that they can keep the conversations going..

Well excuse me sir-turns down!

I'm excited to see the next series and I know it will be even better.

Of course I wanted to rest once I got home but as you all know-I just keep going. I went to ONE store Target' (y'all know how I feel already) to get items I need on my assistant and I for the wedding. I thought I would go over my budget but as soon as the cashier told me the price- all I could say was ...

Things are working out and I know there are more exciting moments to come.

Today's Assertion: Keep it classy-it will all work out!

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