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Always on the 30!

On the 30th, I love to make sure things are set up right for the next month ahead. It's something about that number 30...

Well, today marks one month until my launch of JNicole Events! I'm too hype for this launch and hope that everyone will be able to see my work/passion come to life.

In addition to my launch , Cortney & Amir's wedding is officially 2 weeks away from tomorrow. Today was all about getting my email templates ready to be sent out to vendors and the wedding party. Pretty easy since the timelines were completed in advance...

I continue to think smarter and not harder during this journey. AND YES, I'm not over this gif-Let me LIVE!

Any who-I was able to complete all templates at 10:30pm on the dot and once again I must say...We the best!

Today's Assertion: You better continue to have that confidence and motivation like DJ Khaled guh!

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