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Just Checking In...

Let's be real-the bride is usually your main point contact in the planning stages but it's important to give the fiance different tasks to do. It's his day too!!

Today, I reminded Amir (the fiance) that I needed all of his groomsmen's contact information in order to send out information for the wedding rehearsal and dinner. At 6:08pm, I finally received all of the groomsmen phone numbers and emails...

Thank you for being on it, Amir!

I remember in my beginning conversations with Cortney, she advised me that Amir was in charge with confirming the rehearsal dinner location. I also checked in with Amir to make sure that he can provide the location and time so that it can be added to my email for the wedding party. He confirmed that it was made but wanted me to check the time to make sure it was 8pm.

I called the restaurant and switched the time from 6pm to 8pm since the actual rehearsal will happen at 6pm and the hostess confirmed that a text message will be sent to Amir of the changes that I made.

Now that I have all emails and numbers, timelines will be sent to all vendors and wedding party on Friday, March 31st-we will officially be 2 weeks away!

Today's Assertion: Relieve the stress, ask in advance

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