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Create What You Love

I made sure with my current full time position that I can still explore event planning even when it's not in my job description- hey, create what you love!

For the past year and half, I have been in charge for all alumni events in the Tri-State area. This includes events such as; networking/social, professional development, volunteering and much more. Today, I launched our first ever Newark and Department of Education Meet Ups.

These meet ups allow alumni to stay connected with each other since they are all working at or around the same department and or location. Both events happened at the same time in two different locations.

Newark Meet Up: "Tini Tuesdays"

27 Mix, Newark, NJ


DOE Meet Up: "Taco Tuesdays"

Roccos Tacos & Tequila, Brooklyn, NY


Some colleagues were nervous to have two events happening in two different states at the same time but both events were a success due to my planning. I designated ambassadors for each event to greet attendees, provide name tags, take pictures and create sign in sheet. I handled reserving the spaces and creating/sending out the communications to all alumni.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in work and complain about things we want and why things are not changing. But it's time stop complaining and realize if there is something that you want to do, DO IT! Stop waiting for approval. This is my own advice I gave myself and realized that it was time to start JNicole Events in January, now look at me!

Today's Assertion: Just do IT!!

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