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Let the meetings begin!

As the wedding date approaches, my job as the Day of Coordinator gets a little more hectic. It's time to coordinate with all vendors and the wedding party of their specific duties and plans. This is the fun part!

Today, Cortney, her mother and myself had a meeting with the florist to discuss the centerpieces and other different arrangements for the full wedding party. We were able to come to decision for the centerpiece (not the one shown above) that would appear gaspy and still elegant. I advised the florist that she will be receiving an official timeline from me on Friday, March 31st.

Thank God that I worked in advance because all timelines are completed it's just sending out each one 2 weeks before the wedding (suggested time frame). I'm still feeling excited for the wedding and can't wait for the big day.

Oh yea-I finally have a logo!!

Didn't go through the first graphic artist but was recommended a new graphic artist, Giselle (@handwritingartist). I explained exactly what I wanted and she executed flawlessly with a short turnaround!

I'm loving my logo-it's me and fits my brand. I'm excited to launch on 4/30 with this logo and I have a strong feeling that there will be a couple of new clients after showcasing #YouCantWeekendWithUs.

#IssaLaunch its LIT!

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