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A Little BNG Style

It's Sunday so you know we have to bring in the Lord's day with our gospel playlist until it was time to check out and leave for brunch.

We checked out at 12pm (on time) to head to brunch at Jones on Chestnut. After searching for parking and gave up to park in a garage, we made it to Jones before our 1pm reservation at 12:45pm

Although we were a bit early, we were immediately seated upstairs to partake in a unforgettable brunch. Now let me tell you about Jones-we are all used to unlimited mimosas but no no no...

This was unlimited BOTTLES!!! The champagne was pouring with three different flavor juices and food was amazing! It was definitely a great way to end #YouCantWeekendWithUs.

I wouldn't change anything!

It's great to leave a weekend fully planned out and still feel good about it all. Now that this weekend is done, the next big event is 4.14.17!!!

Today's Assertion: Let it all flow.

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