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Ladies Night

I'm always real with my audience-that doesn't change so I'm going to be real with y'all. I'm writing my thoughts on Sunday (3/26) and not on 3/25 but just stay with me as I reflect on this weekend.

As soon as they all came to my house, each friend received a customized gift and a green smoothie to introduce them to the first surprise activity. Each bottle had a label on it to give hints for the activity like...


Of course they still didn't get the hints but it was all good because I did explain once we got to the destination. I knew this weekend would be one for the books when donuts flew off my car headed to the first activity. We are not even going to go into the past but let's just say- continue to let your past be your past.

The address for the first activity brings us to home and a church across the street. I parked across the street in the church parking lot and provided all my girls with our first activity-Aerial Yoga!

I'm so serious- this was the exact look that I received when I stated the name.

But of course, I was prepared to show pictures of the first activity before we entered. It was a private class at You are Yoga in Haddonfield, NJ with Jane.

As event planners, we can get so fixed on time but sometimes you learn for specific events to just go with the flow. Everything doesn't have to be a schedule or serious and that's exactly what I able to do with this weekend. It's a girls weekend for a reason.

Although this class was supposed to be an hour-we stayed for two and no extra charge. Each position challenged our capabilities and strength. It truly showed me that I can accomplish anything when I am focus and determined. I'm going to get a little real with y'all-we did feel like we were in our sunken place when we were wrapped in a little cocoon for about 15 minutes then heard a DONG which woke us all up.

But nah, Jane was cool. It definitely had me scared for a second but we left feeling cool, calm and collective. Haha

I already knew that we were off schedule but thank God for having an airbnb that had a self check-in. Our place was beautiful and convenient for this weekend. We were close to all the spots,that I had planned for the weekend and it felt like home.

After some drinks and food, we were able to get ready for dinner at Ms. Tootsies on South Street. I was real tight when we pulled up and the hostess stated that we had to wait 1hr and 45 minutes even though I put in 2 reservations for this place 2 weeks in advance. I love my people but we have to do better. There is no reason why no one from management never returned my email when you can't place reservations on the phone.

We all wanted Ms. Tootsies really bad so we waited and just went to a bar a few blocks down until they called. After 1 hr and 15 min, they called...

It was a great dinner despite the long a** wait. We left there to take my shot featured on my site at Assembly Rooftop at Logan's Hotel. A beautiful scenery that I will come back to once it's warmer.

I was happy with my quick photo shoot but then again we had to make it quick-it was freezing to not have a coat on but I push through for a poppin shot

We came back to our place around 1am to do home made facials and just laugh it up until we went to sleep. Everything was perfect and although all events didn't happen at the exact time scheduled- it still happened. I'm happy and I can't wait to go into a little bit of our Sunday.

Yesterday's Assertion: Everything doesn't need a time. It's ladies night for a reason!

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