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At The Same D*** Time

I drove up to wedding venue to do a quick scheduled walk through with the banquet coordinator, Dean. As soon as I pulled up, I saw valet and men in suits. I was getting upset because I'm thinking he forgot that he scheduled an appointment with me the day of a wedding. So I go inside while everyone was looking at me because of course I have on casual clothes and I was the only black person.

I immediately asked one of the hostess if she could get Dean because we had an appointment for today. After a few minutes, she pulled Dean and I believe that he saw the look on my face that he had some explaining to do. He quickly stated that he has time to do walk through because their wedding doesn't start until 6:30pm.

My thoughts...Mmhmm

Although there was a wedding starting in an hour, I'm glad that I was able to see the venue all set up. Of course there are things I would change for the bride and groom but I'm happy with this venue and it doesn't seem as if there will need a lot of leg work due to the experienced staff. The outside gazebo ceremony, cocktail hour, waiting area, reception-Breathtaking!

One thing that I do love is that Dean is on it. I know as soon as I provide him with the timeline of events he will make sure his staff and himself are fully prepared. With 3 weeks lefts, I'm content with the direction of the wedding.

I left the venue excited and immediately called Cortney to provide her with updates which I can tell took some stress off her shoulders. Now that this was complete, it was time to get home to cook and prep for #YouCantWeekendWithUs.

I made strawberry jell-o shots and these are not your typical shots. Earlier this week, I bought strawberries and carved out the inside where I poured my jell-o liquor mixture into each strawberry.

In the morning, I will put sugar/lime around the rim of each strawberry and then garnish each one with a cut out lime triangle to finish.

While the jello-shots are in the fridge to chill, it was time to make the infamous buffalo chicken dip and pack up the bags for each of my girls.

Only thing left for the morning is the strawberry garnish and smoothies. I can hardly go to sleep because today was perfect from the venue to completing everything for #YouCantWeekendWithUs, there is no reason why this weekend wouldn't be AMazing

Today's Assertion: Time is too precious to waste.

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