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The New Mary

"The Wedding Planner" was a good movie and all that but take out the plot and focus on JLo's role, Mary.

She knew her job and did it well. I always told myself that when I start planning weddings, I need to operate like Mary.

Well, guess who's operating like Mary...

I just ordered my first walkie talkies for all big events. I know that I keep saying this but it's truly the small things that get me excited.

I found two small black and light weight walkies talkies with earphone including a push to talk features for 429.98 on Amazon. What makes this even better is that I had a $20 gift card and signed up for Amazon Prime (free shipping) bringing my total to $9.89

Only a few more weeks until the big day and I must say, things are coming together.

Today's Assertion: Watch it. Claim it. Do it

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