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I can be real with y'all, right? I've been writing these posts for almost a month so I kind of feel as if we are almost family.

Opening up about certain topics has not been a hard thing for me to do (remember I said, "certain") but I do believe I can open up to you all about this one thing I've been working on and that's P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.

Lord know that I'm working on it-He knows my heart! What I have learned in event planning is that it's something that you have to learn to turn on and off depending on the situation. You are learning your clients while also learning the different vendors. There are goals that you must hit for your client while still having a friendly and professional relationships with your vendors.

I am the type of person that will make sure that everything is running right for a specific event. I mean, I do understand that things happen and trust I can think quick on my feet but I do have a problem when someone like a vendor is unresponsive. We are paying you for your services so I would hope that you would be very responsive and efficient in order to get your sales.

I've ran into this with planning #YouCantWeekendWithUs. I have called, left multiple voicemails but still no response. The crazy thing is I spoke to the person last week about a specific class and letting her know that I will call to confirm the booking the following week. This is a situation where I believe it's okay to turn my patience button off. It's one week until the girls weekend so everything must be confirmed.

Your clients are trusting you and don't forget paying you to deliver so it's your responsibility to make make sure the vendors are delivering. This is something that I do very well and it also provides confirmation that I'm in the right profession.

I promise that I won't blow up this lady's phone but just know that she will hear from me frequently before we hit next week.

Today's Assertion: When you learn how to turn your weakness into a strength, hunny you made it!

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