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I'm taking today for what it is. It's all about embracing your surroundings and taking time to relax.

Being able to walk around downtown Houston for the first time and witness a beautiful mural about inspiration is a good feeling. I look at things as signs and immediately reflect on how this one thing currently can depict my current situation.

The colors and shapes may not make sense to others but it did make sense to this artist, Gonzo. I'm sure he was intentional with the colors, shapes and even the location of this mural. To me, he is able to show the growth within Houston-especially downtown. If he can inspired more people to build on, we will live in an era where everyone is following their dreams.

In life, we can get off track due to unforeseen situations but when you regain your focus it will bring you back to your inspiration.

Today's Assertion: Find the beauty in it all

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