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This will not be a long one tonight but just had to get this off my bosom. You know when you get fake mad at yourself for forgetting something and can't understand how BUT then you get a little joy knowing that you caught it in time, yeah that just happened to me.

I was going over my vendor timelines to send the finalized copies to Mrs. Carol and realized I forgot one important item- The Garter Removal. Now everyone knows that this is one of the most exciting and hilarious parts to any wedding. I had listed the garter toss but not the removal. How can you have the toss without removing the garter?

Think smarter not harder. FYI: This GIF will never get old

I literally had to give myself a moment to think and do some quick research. After reviewing the original timeline and switching some things around, I was able to get my flow right back.

It's Lit, Again!

Don't trip over the little things so quick. I keep telling myself that it's a good thing that I cached it now rather than later. Double checking your work doesn't hurt no one, it only shows that you are on top of your **'** (remember, I don't curse).

Today's Assertion: I only have two self-commands for today-stay on top and SHINE.

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