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It's Getting Real, 5 Weeks

We are almost a month away from my first wedding-1 month and 2 days to be exact. I had my first March meeting with the bride today to discuss the items below:

1. Review vendor/wedding party timelines

2. Seating chart

I have no time for people sitting next to someone they don't like

3. Wedding Rehearsal

Although this may look pretty simple, it took us about 2 hours to go through all items. Talk about time management! I could talk for days about our meeting but I'm just going to summarize for everyone's sake. With this being my first wedding, I want to make sure this day is perfect for my client just like if it was my day. When I plan, I put myself in their shoes-I never want someone to feel like I didn't put my all into their event because in my head I'm treating this as it is my event. Once you put yourself in the factor, you know your expectations and it must be met. Funny thing, I knew of Cortney and Amir but didn't really KNOW the couple but it's so interesting to see how God works and how he places each person in your life for different reasons.

In January, my sister decided to have a watch night party at our house for the New Edition Story on BET. At this time, I was applying for jobs (nothing new) and asked the two ladies (one being Cortney) if they could listen to my cover letter-both agreed. As I'm talking about my experience, Cortney asked me more about my event planning and if I was interested in wedding planning. I told her that I was actually shadowing a wedding planner and would love to get into it later on once I get experience and start my own company. Her exact works was, "Why wait? Are you interested in planning my wedding?" I was so surprise and taken off guard but I knew that this was the push that I needed from God to start my own company and plan my first wedding.

Sometimes we hold back our dreams because we want things to be perfect or have that specific certification/degree or financial situation but what's so great about my God is he already knows the plans and will work it all out. While we are stressing, he's chillin.

It feels so good to have a first client that's working with you through this process. I believe the stress that most brides have going into their actual day is now lifted off Cortney's shoulders since she has JNicole Events.

I'm excited for the big day and I know that all of our planning and long nights will be beneficial to us both in the end

Today's Assertion: Let God take full control then only thing left for you to do is "Get it done. Make it right".

Have to take it back to the New Edition Story because this is the day (1/24/17) I decided to start JNicole Events without knowing the name.

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