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Don't Force the Bond, Make One!

You have to be a people person to be successful in this business. Don't just think that you can become a event planner with a nasty attitude. I take so much pride in developing new relationships with people and want to form a genuine relationship with my clients. Once you start understanding and learning your clients, you are able to really understand their personality and expectations.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I knew of Cortney and Amir but I didn't KNOW Cortney and Amir. Make sense? However, since January (yes, I said January-only 4 months to plan their wedding) we have developed a closer bond outside of the wedding planning. Yes, everyone will be different but when I find similarities with someone I'll make sure to bring that out.

Yoga is just good for anyone. It relieves stress/anxiety, increases flexibility, gives you more strength and much more! After discussing the wedding plans, Cortney and I will start talking about other topics. However, yesterday we decided that we would take an aerial yoga foundations class for the first time today in Haddonfield-only $14 #GottaLoveTheSilks

I kept telling Cortney that this class would actually be good for her due to reasons I shared above but in all honesty-all brides need to go. Weddings are stressful even when you have a planner. It may not be on the same level of stress but the anxiety gets real.

Although we were not able to get into the class (due to parking),

we were still able to catch up in the car both ways and "try" to find a new date to go to the class. I NEED that class and will be there 20 minutes before the class next class...

After just forming a bond with Cortney in less than 3 months, I realized that I would want this type of relationship with all my clients especially my brides. I want to make sure that the client knows who I am and how I work while respecting who they are and what they need. If you meet an event planner that doesn't have that mentality, I have two words for you-GET OUT!

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