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Check It Off

Since I slept my whole night away last night, you know I had to be on it for today. I have no times for the games or sleepy moments. It's all about finalizing my to dos from yesterday and today.

It felt so good checking items off my to do list and adding things to my calendar. I don't know why but it just feels right. Once I get my multi-color pack of highlighters, no one will be able to tell me anything.

I had all intentions to meet with the banquet coordinator for my first wedding today but unfortunately, the weather turned out to be right...

Around 12pm, I was able to get Dean (Banquet Coordinator) on the phone to discuss rescheduling our meeting. The funny thing was he knew that all his appointments would get cancelled due to the snow. We were able to discuss a new meeting date and I got some important info for the bride.

Checks off list ...

The only thing left for today is vendor timelines which is easy because the day of timeline is already completed. Each vendor will have their own timeline to keep him/her on track. On Sunday, I will provide the bride with all timelines for her approval. It's important to me that I have the bride's approval for everything that I'm doing. She's trusting me to execute one of the most important days of her life, why not keep her involved without the stress-I'll take her stress for the day.

I got you Cort!

Today's Assertion: Nothing will stop my goals. I will achieve.

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