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Be Strong, Be Woman

Humanity was born in Africa. All people ultimately are African- Mauritius, South Africa

It's one thing to be a woman but it's a whole different story to be a BLACK woman. We have endured so much but we still remain strong because that's all we know how to do and I must say, we do it pretty dang on well. Today, is about celebrating all woman (Happy International Women's Day!) but I wanted to make sure this post highlighted who I am as a black woman and how my journey has started because a black woman saw something in me.

Sometimes I tend to hold back my opinions and thoughts because I don't want to come off as aggressive, negative, ignorant or just the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN but I'm learning every day that people will have their opinions and thoughts about you-that's fine. However, I know my voice is powerful and many things that I have been through or thoughts that I have about any given situation is someone's story or thoughts. You are not alone, baby girl. How dare I not share my thoughts? That's so rude. You can help so many other females by speaking boldly and with purpose.

This blog means so much to me and I really can see it today because my voice is being heard every single day. People are able to live in my life for a few minutes to just see the success, thoughts, challenges of starting your own. It's a humbling experience and I wouldn't be able to do this and do it so well if it wasn't for these two women.

My mother, Sharon Queen Spencer McMillon...

A black woman from Franklin, NJ who never lets any situation stop her from achieving her goals. My pusher and motivator. I do not know what I would do without having a mother like her by my side. So caring, loving, supportive and will still put me in check if she has to-please, age doesn't mean a thing, don't disrespect her. We talk every single day about my business and she is always right there to provide her thoughts, opinions and advice. Love you!


The Diva/Event Planning Guru, Mrs. Carol Colston

A black woman from North Carolina. She continues to uplift me in this journey and reassures that everything will be perfect and so genuine with her approach. She has taught me a lot and she may not even realize it but it's so good to have someone that cares and can see your potential.

Surrounding yourself around strong, ambitious, goal oriented women is a MUST. My circle reflects it (yall know who you are) and we (all black women) keep each other going. I hope everyone was able to give gratitude to those special and strong women in their lives today-actually make that EVERYDAY!

Remember, "We all came from a women, got our name from a women and game from a women"- Tupac

Today's Assertion: I am strong. I am powerful. My voice will be heard and head will remain lifted

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