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When you have things to get done, there is no time for sleep. Although it's 12:21 AM on March 7th, I'm still writing this as it is March 6th. In all reality, my day hasn't ended and I'm wide awake.

There are so many ideas going through my head which is exciting but it's also a challenge. Nobody likes a fake person so let's get real. This is A LOT of work. This is A LOT of time. This is A LOT of money. I'm not ballin nor do I have all the time in the day but what I do know how to do and pretty dang on well is prioritize. I'm not the only one juggling many things on their plate but when you know what you want and how you want it, you will put the time in it.

Here are my rules for prioritization:

Rule 1: Be Real

Once you are real with yourself in what you can handle/put on your plate, life will be easier

Rule 2: Balance Out Your Wants vs. Needs

You know what's best. Stop playing

Rule 3: Plan in Advance

Stop waiting last minute. You already know that you're going to be mad with yourself if you don't do it. No need to spend money on that bottle of red wine for stress. Buy it for TGIT instead. Again, Priorities.

These are constant reminders that I'm living by in this journey. There is no need to stress when you could of got it done weeks before the actual event. This brings me to some good readings to help in this effort.

I'm currently reading two books:

1: Event Planning-Management & Marketing For Successful Events, Become an event plannin pro & create a successful event series by Alex Genadinik

2: The Bride's Survival Guide- 150 Mistakes You Should Avoid for the Perfect Wedding by Sharon Naylor

These two amazing books are teaching me a lot especially the wedding book. I'm not married nor have I planned a wedding but it does provide you with great tips to think about for the actual big day. Learning has always been something that I loved since I was baby. I would go into another room if the TV is on and pull out a book for my entertainment. It still remains true to this day (ask my family or man) unless one of my shows are on...

"Get cussed out and I don't even curse, if you call me during TGIT"

Our shows will come and go but your dreams will always be there. Are you going to wait on them or watch it pass by?

I know what I'm doing. I'll see yall at the finish line ANNDDD I've been working out...

I'm out!!

Today's Assertion: I will always show humility and never let anyone still my joy.

It's never too late to say these words to yourself, I Know I Can


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