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Know your Position

"A banquet coordinator is NOT a wedding day coordinator"

Today, I scheduled time to meet with the banquet coordinator for my first wedding in April. We will meet this Friday, March 10th at 5pm, if the weather permits (calling for snow).

Checks off list- literally

During my first meeting with Mrs. Carol, she stated the quote above and made sure that I'm aware of the difference. It's the job of the wedding day coordinator to run this special day not the banquet coordinator. He will be there to support and to make sure that the venue is set up as requested. Sometimes we can get so caught up in things which may make someone else try- yes, I said TRY to take lead but remember, the couple hired you to run this day not the banquet coordinator.

You can say that AGAIN

The moral of this post is not let no one step on your heels. Provide instruction and clear directions to make the day memorable. I'm excited for this meeting and I pray that we will be on one accord to make this day special for the Griffins.

Hopefully, I can get an incentive from the venue for the couple. I'm thinking a free 1st anniversary dinner...

Today's Assertion: I will stand strong in all decisions and allow recommendations for improvement.

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