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Ain't Nothing Wrong With Window Shopping

Sundays are all about getting organized for the week ahead. Yes, as a planners we still have to remind ourselves of this too.

Today, I was able to map out my week for my two upcoming events:

1. #YouCantWeekendWithUs (Philly Girl's Getaway Weekend)-3/25-3/26

2. Cortney & Amir's Wedding- 4/13-4/14

These two events are very different but still require the same type of attention to detail in order to make it memorable. Since, #YouCantWthkendWithUs is in 3 weeks and the Giffin's wedding is a little over month, it's all about window shopping...

Today, I was able to go to few stores to outline prices for some of the things that I will need for both events. It's important to stay within your budget especially since I'm doing both of these events Pro-Bono (Yes, for the free) #DoItForTheExperience

I have took ownership that I'm still figuring things out. Who would I be to charge someone an arm and leg for services where they can't even see my results yet?

Although I'm working without any compensation, I still do not want to go broke. I'm currently working on a budget expense document that will map out all my expenses that I'm using for both events to keep my money aligned and know how I spent for future events. It's a learning experience but I'm also willing to learn through this process. There is no time sit on my lazy *** and think that the money is going to come soon. It's all about budgeting and getting to the stores for these deals. Time is money hunny.

Today's Assertion: Humble yourself, Queen.

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