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Finding Beauty in the Journey

Today is about appreciation. I thank God for having a job that provides me the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere as long as the work gets done.

Yes we do really WORK...

For this week, I decided to work from my second home of Greensboro, North Carolina. AGGIE PRIDE!!

This trip not only opened my eyes midweek but allowed me to appreciate love, life and just simply living. I was able to take a visit to my man's hometown of Broadway (not Hollywood) and realized how quickly that our upbringings were completely different.


In Jersey, we went to the grocery store for food. In NC, they grew a majority of their food. (Much healthier and cost effective, in my opinion)

Sometimes we are so quick to wish we were in someone else's shoes without understanding his/her past. God only created one of you and that should truly be your blessing everyday.

He knew the world could only handle one Jenell.

We have to be comfortable with our journey and past. It's something that I'm beginning to cherish everyday especially changing up my scenery for the week. I appreciate having someone by my side who understands that our pasts are different but still appreciate me for me. Since I have been in town, I have been able to get all my work completed, share ideas for JNicole Events and still blog.

I'm actually writing this post as we drive back from Broadway

You know that you are blessed when your partner doesn't distract you from your dreams but continues to encourage you along the way. This journey will not be easy nor smooth but it will take you to appreciate your rocky moments to see how you are still standing in the midst of it all.

Today's Assertion: Still stand because it's okay to be you

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