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It's the little things

Last year, I received a planner for Christmas from my sister. When I tell you that I could of cried because she actually listened to what I really wanted. Many people kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas & My Birthday but all I said was a planner and a wallet. I really wasn't in need of anything but just knew that I could use a cute, small, labeled planner.

From the day I received the planner, my calendar and days have been filled up and it brings me so much joy putting ink to the calendar to schedule my days. I'm telling you, it's the small things.

Now, let's fast forward to last week. I decided that the only way to make things more efficient throughout my event planning was to start price checking different iPad minis for my event planning purposes. I went to Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Amazon to compare prices on the iPad mini 2. These prices were ridiculous. Pricing ranged between $215-$269. LAWD!!

I spoke to my friend, Taya, who referred a website called New Egg. If you haven't heard, they have just about any electorinic on sale for the low. All to say, I found an open box iPad mini 2 32G-Wifi only for $134.

My iPad was scheduled to arrive while I will be in North Carolina next week but came today!! Inserts another praise break

This post may be a little dramatic and possibly no correlation to the journey but I just want you all to know that it is okay to be excited about the little things. Be happy and celebrate the small things because I can only pray that it leads you into something bigger.

Today's Assertion: I will smile through the big and little things no matter the result

"All I need in this life of planning, is my plannner and my iPad"

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