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For the past few days, my blog posts have been about the small beginnings preparing me for something big. It's like I can see it but not touch it.

I came into church with an open heart prepared for a great sermon because my pastor is the best and always delivers. Before he provided scripture, he advised us that this message is for two types of people...

1. You are on your way and trying to get there/figure it out

I started to smile so hard to myself. Pastor, you didn't even start preaching and I am already here for this message

2. You are there and now can reflect because you have joy

Pastor Cory goes into the story of David. David started as a Shepard boy where he was fielding sheep. During this time, Saul was his biggest hater. Saul tried to destroy and kill David but God's hand was always in the midst and the people always remembered what David had done for them.

Although times were hard for David, people were looking at his effort, attitudes, accountability, effort and dedication. Remember, someone is always watching you!!

Pastor Cory asked us the question that we all wanted to know: How did David get from Shepard boy to King of Israel?

God will bless you with the skills that he has provided you for the bigger blessing in the end. David did not know that God was using his transferable skills of fielding sheep to prepare him to lead the people of Israel as King.

What a blessing!!

This message was truly a confirmation for myself. I have been wrestling with the fact that my next job has not come despite all the interviews and time but I am thankful that God gave me the push to start my event planning business. It's a blessing in the midst of it all. I'm looking forward to this new season and I will allow God to continue to use my transferable skills to help bring a smile to each one of my clients' faces.

Today's Assertion: I'm here because I have been trained for this!

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