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When one door closes, another one opens

As I'm building my personal brand ( JNicole Events), I am still job hunting for another job that will help me fulfill all of my talents especially in event planning. I have had multiple interviews since September of last year that have not made it through.

Yesterday, I received a personal email from an employer that I would not be moving forward for a position that was completely aligned to my skill sets! Very weird but I kept pushing. Today, I open my email to yet another declined email. However, this one was different because after my first interview, the recruiter insisted on bringing me in for an in-person interview in Richmond, VA. (This same situation happen twice).

I keep telling myself, "Jenell, God didn't intend this one, another blessing is coming". It's hard to preach that to yourself when you know your potential and what you can do for a company/organization. I'm confused but can't be down because it's Friday, 72 degrees and it's my Partner N Crime/ LS's 26th birthday...Happy Birthday Shanea!!.

I see so much for myself and want it sooo bad but I do know that it will never happen in my timing. It's all in God's timing and that's what keeps me going.

Although all these NO's are disappointing, I can only think that God has something bigger for me. Maybe JNicole Events will surpass my ultimate goals? Maybe, I'll be the top event planner? Maybe, I can't have a role that's fully responsible for events because of JNicole Events? Maybe, I'll have my own income? Maybe, I can finally stop working for the white man? But seriously, I won't be working for the white man in a few years....I'm claiming that one!

I have a lot of questions and maybes but one thing that keeps me grounded is my faith. Through all your disappointments, remember that something better is coming. He wouldn't bless it to you so quick if it wasn't so good!!

Remember, it's Friday...

Today's Assertion: ...and I'm still a BOSS

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