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If you know me, you already know my man, Rozay (Rick Ross). Please remember that I'm sensitive about my man, let's not throw any shade.

Not only is he fine and a true hustler in my mind but I have so much respect for how he was able to turn his dream into a reality. Yes, there may be side chatter and comments regarding his correctional past...


But as you are reflecting on his past, he was working on his craft.

I'll continue.

If Rozay would of stayed complacent in his correctional officer position, where would he be now? Would he be a top entertainer and entrepreneur? Would we even know about Meek Mill, Wale and others?

He's true strategist and mastermind in this game. He took the chance on Meek in February of 2011 by signing him to Maybach Music where his career has truly surpassed, I'm sure his greatest thoughts. Starting from chasing his dreams in North Philly to starting his own record label, Dream Chasers-all because one man took a chance on him and he was willing to accept that chance.

We can't be afraid of allowing people to help us in life. This is my own advice and I always put what I say into practice. For instance, last night, I couldn't sleep.-Not because of worries but of excitement to get things done butI knew I couldn't do it by myself.

I called on my trusted best friend/wedding assistant to help me with my individualized timelines for the wedding party. When I tell you that she did that, SHE DID THAT! Don't get me wrong, the sleepless nights are crucial (continue to let the juices flow) but you never know how one hand can help you in your path to success.

Today's Assertion: I know my dreams. I know who I AM, I will allow the help and watch it overflow.

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