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Bring that Shadow to Life

I have never been shy about asking for help. If you need an answer, why not ask? Yes, I understand that you may not get the reaction that you always want but who cares? You need to hear a few No's or "Try again" in order to receive growth.

In the process of starting a company, you have to know when and who to ask for help. Don't put people in your corner who are not going to help you to grow but only encourage you in ways that you may not see for yourself.

I had my third meeting with my favorite event planner, fashionista and ultimate DIVA...Mrs. Carol Colston. Today was the day that I shared with her my project plans for my first wedding (S/O to the Griffins). Clearly I was a nervous wreck waiting for a response.

After reviewing, she was left in awe which took me back for a second. I was coming so hard at myself thinking...

1. I'm forgetting something

2. Does this timeline even look right

3. Am I going to have to do this thing all over?

4. LAWD, give me the patience

But all she said was "I'm proud of you Jenell" then provided a few hints for my next consultation with the bride. She was very happy to see a smooth and efficient timeline based off of the couple's needs for their day with it being my first time. All this to say, we tend to be so hard on ourselves especially as planners. I understand it. Trust me but what I have learn in these past few days is to not hide behind my product. Be proud and confident of your work baby girl. I see you trying to blossom

Today's Assertion: Only you, can check you. Let your light shine today!

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