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Only Explanation: Black Girl Magic

I woke up today rather early to add tweaks/finish vendor timelines for the wedding and figure out what I was wearing to the Queens Only Brunch in Newark (S/O to Brunch N' Grind). I was able to do both things before 10:30 AM and knew that the day would only get better. It's nothing like waking up early and getting things done.

If you don't know, I take my friendships very seriously. I will always support and be there for my girls no matter what. I even had an ex who couldn't understand how I go so hard for my friendships and let's just say he's an ex for a reason...

My Partner N Crime/LS/Travel Partner the titles can go on decided 2 years ago to start a company (Brunch N' Grind) for young black professionals to network and brunch in New Jersey. Her brunches are exceeding her expectations and I couldn't be anymore excited about the quick growth within these two years. I have been to just about each brunch and even have helped her with a few logistics but I must say this event today was much needed. It was titled "Queens Only Brunch", a women's empowerment brunch.

We were surrounded around ambitious, driven, goal oriented black women who all are using their hustles and/or passions and turning it into a business. It was so good being in a room where I could have conversations with someone who is currently starting their own, someone in the middle stages and then someone who made it. You do not find that often! The above picture are black owned businesses (all women) who I supported today at brunch. All these women are working to turn their side hustle into their main hustle. Now that's some real black girl magic

One statement that stood out to me the most was from Ayanna Iman who stated her 3 A's which are Affirm, Align and Activate. Throughout this journey, I will continue to not only make this a reminder but believe in these 3A's for JNicole Events. Once you believe, which I do, everything will continue to fall into place.

Side note: I purchased the paper for the wedding party timelines, thank you cards and 5 statement journals for #YouCantWeekendWithUs all for $15.45

Today's Assertion: Keep surrounding yourself around dope women like yourself and watch what will happen and what you all will be able to create.

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